About us

Dream of a newspaper not only stands for the voice of the public but also reflects their thoughts. To convert this dream into reality was next to impossible but as APJ Kalam rightly said: “Those dreams do not come true which you see in sleep, but which you see with your eyes open.” This dream was seen with open eyes, and it has turned into reality now. Avadhnama was established on the motto to unite people, to stand against those who try to disintegrate people on the basis of caste, colour, creed and religion, to become the voice of the poor, labor, destitute, oppressed, helpless and to work in the field of national integration, education, women empowerment and many more. To achieve what Avadhnama had strived for it did not only publish newspaper but also conducted seminars on International Women’s Day, National Education Day, Teachers’ Day, International Human Rights Day and International Workers’ Day and awarded those who have given their contribution in these fields to encourage others. The series of events that took place after this dream, which was seen years back did not only end with this. In these years Avadhnama established an ‘Avadhnama Educational and Charitable Trust’ to pay the school fees of those who are unable to. The most remarkable thing about this trust is that it has never sought help from anyone and is an independent trust.

Today over 200 students’ annual fees have been paid through this Trust. Not only this, in the year 2014 when Kashmir got flooded and the whole state drowned in water, there was no electricity, no food and no water to drink. The survivors of the flood were dying due to starvation. At this time a team was sent to Kashmir by Avadhnama to help the impotent.

With the limited resources, the team of Avadhnama arranged for the food and water, light, and blanket. The present days are the worst in the history of a media house, but Avadhnama Educational and Charitable Trust still stand firm to the challenge, achieving what it had strived.

In these years Avadhnama has also established an ‘Urdu Writer’s Forum’ for the literary activities, an ‘Intellectual Forum’ for awareness and an ‘Aman Committee’ to prevent riots in the city and to maintain peace. Avadhnama also established ‘Urdu Dost Anjuman’ to unite those who don’t know Urdu language but are passionate for it and consider it as the native language of the country. Long-time back Avadhnama had made Urdu Daily online. It introduced the concept of page 3 in an Urdu daily newspaper and also adopted the idea of live reporting. It published several special supplements and organized a discussion of new books and held condolence meetings for many famous writers upon their death. Avadhnama has also acquired an exceptional position by promoting itself in unique ways.

Avadhnama took its readers for the pilgrimage to many places within the country and also to umrah a ziarat. All this hard work paid off with the Love that was showered upon us by the public and the respect that was given to us all around the country. Not only this, but Avadhnama also got the privilege to be the only Urdu Dainik newspaper and received a full-page edition in the third annual report of RajBhavan. Even today, we are trying to do our best to make this dream come true so that there are peace, unity, friendship, cordiality, and an atmosphere of national integration.